Watchcom Security Group AS


Watchcom is a long-term business partner specializing in cyber ​​and information security, contributing to secure the common valuables of our society.  Knowledge sharing is central to our business.  We believe that security in our digitized and networked society requires understanding the threats and their consequences, and knowing how to protect ourselves and how to respond to cyber attacks when they occur.

Competence is the key to success in safety work.  There are two ways of developing competence, through education and training of those responsible for implementing protection measures, and through practical work in Information and Cyber ​​Security.

The establishment of a national research Centre for Cyber ​​and Information Security in Gjøvik is a milestone in the ongoing efforts to increase society’s overall expertise in the area.  Such research is a very welcomed addition to efforts to reduce society’s digital vulnerability.  This center is a very good example of how public and private sectors can help meeting a need.  Watchcom also has a social responsibility to secure the important valuables of the society.  Therefore, we partner with CCIS supporting the center with our expertise and applying the results from its research.

– Roar Sundseth, Senior advisor, strategic cyber security, Watchcom Security Group AS

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