Innlandet Police District

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It is the district’s police – the local police – who meets the community every day and accounts for everyday preparedness in relation to crime prevention and community safety.  There is a great expectation to what the police can do during the “first hour”.  Many cases begin with the local police and then taken over by specialist agencies.  The local police must have modern skills to prevent, detect and prosecute serious crimes, but also in relation to more everyday challenges.

We believe that the dimension of the local police is important when ICT security is on the agenda.  Local law enforcement is a natural arena – an intersection between theorists and practitioners – to develop police, crime prevention and community safety.  It is all too natural to use the Innlandet Police District as the prime practitioner partner of CCIS, not the least for developing good relations and for easily meeting the need of development of technical cooperation.

We know that the major challenge for the police is to manage the ICT arena, in order to prevent, detect and prosecute growing crime online. This challenge applies in relation to skills and sufficient staff.

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