Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM)


NSM, the Norwegian National Security Authority, is a cross-sectoral professional and supervisory authority within the protective security services in Norway. The authority is responsible for the national cyber security, and operates the national Computer Emergency Response Team (NorCERT). NSM delivers threat analyses on a national level, working with experts on cyber security and cryptology.

NSM is the central directorate for the protection of information and infrastructure of critical importance for society and other important social functions. NSM has within its responsibilities to secure information and physical objects; to supervise and exercise its authority in accordance with the regulations; to notify and manage serious cyber attacks; to develop security measures and provide advice and guidance. NSM has been a driving force for the improvement of safety conditions and providing advice on the development of safety work in the community.

“We have long called for a strengthening of education in safety studies.  Supporting the creation of new professorships at Gjøvik University College, we believe will warrant a substantial boost to safety conditions in Norway.”

– Kjetil Nilsen, Director of the National Security Authority (Oppland Arbeiderblad, 15 May 2014).

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