National Criminal Investigation Service (KRIPOS)


The National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS) is the Norwegian police’s national expertise centre in the fight against organised and other serious crime. NCIS’s main mission is to render support to local police districts and serve as the national point of contact versus other countries’ authorities.

NCIS is a central support agency, with expertise in criminal investigation and forensic services, and an advisory body to central authorities. Apart from its role as a support agency, NCIS is also tasked with investigating and prosecuting complex and serious cases related to organised crime. In criminal investigations and prosecutions, NCIS reports to the National Authority for Prosecution of Organised and Other Serious Crime.

Norway’s leading expertise on digital forensics and the collection and analysis of electronic evidence is found at NCIS.

As national expertise centre, NCIS develops techniques and is very active in sharing knowledge with local police districts through courses, lectures, partner agency visiting schemes and other means of sharing knowledge.

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