Lillehammer University College


Lillehammer University College (LUC) has an academic profile on social sciences and professional media. At present LUC has two accredited PhD programmes in social sciences, and one in artistic development. A fourth PhD program, in cooperation with NTNU, is under accreditation by the Norwegian agency for Quality in Education (NOKUT).  LUC’s academic activities, including its research activities and publications, has a typical university profile.

LUC’s academic and research portfolio encompasses several disciplines within social sciences and media technology, including law, psychology, and film and television.  Amongst other academic programmes, LUC has developed in short time a study programme in law that has become a very attractive one and which is ranking the highest among the bachelor and master programmes in law that are currently offered in Norway.

LUC wants to maintain and strengthen its position as a regional development actor, with a national and international leadership in the fields that are included in its academic priorities. Along with CCIS, LUC will  to develop its law program in the area of information security and privacy.  Other social sciences programmes at LUC have relevance when it comes to digital aspects of societal security.

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