CCIS’ Mandate

CCIS brosjyre 2014 - English - CCIS will
Publisert: 09/06/2014

The centre will undertake actions towards:

  • Building research capacity and research groups at top level internationally in disciplines that are relevant for our partners and for Norway.
  • Providing training and study programs of high quality and with great societal relevance.
  • Contributing to Norway’s international collaboration where partners can participate and apply their knowledge and expertise.
  • Helping to increase the recruitment of students and researchers for the Norwegian education and training in security and for research environments.
  • Contributing to the long term competence development strategy and research and education strategy.
  • Cooperating with and contributing to organizations whose mission is to inform and raise awareness about security.
  • Strengthening cooperation, exchanging knowledge,  and sharing of skills among sectors, among application/innovation environments, among academic institutions, and among national and international projects, centres and organizations.
  • Becoming a knowledge and expertise node in Europe’s ability to compete for international research funding.